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Hoody, from Entry #61


Brian, Hoody (fan name), ToTheArk (assumed), The Figure (by Jay)






Marble Hornets



Hoody is the fan-given nickname of a character in MarbleHornets, first appearing in Entry #41. Not much is known about him. Hoody has been seen in a several entries, the first time in Entry #39 where he first appears, stalking Jay while he sleeps in his car. In Entry #61, Hoody is confirmed to be at least one of the people posting to the Totheark account.

During Entry #83, Tim attacks Hoody, causing him to fall from a windowsill, seemingly killing him. Tim collects a tape from his pocket, which is shown, during Entry #84, to be the footage of Alex's auditions for Marble Hornets before he encountered The Operator. Brian is shown to be wearing the same hoodie during the auditions as Hoody always wore, leading Tim to believe they were one and the same. This theory was later proven to be true in Entry #86, which also confirmed that Hoody was indeed killed by the fall.


Hoody in Marble Hornets

Connections and Motives

Hoody's connections and intentions were never made clear, although it is known that he was trying to kill Alex.

It is also debated that the figure leaning against a tree in Entry #40 and Totheark's YouTube admission, "Intermission" is Hoody. Sharing the same distraught face, the text in Intermission states "Did you see me?", then displaying the figure at the tree. If one looks close enough, they can see a figure leaning against a tree in several other entries.

It is shown in entry #73 that Hoody regularly consumes pills, since he has several empty containers of them in his living space. The fact that he has stolen pills from both Alex and Tim supports the theory that Hoody is suffering similar symptoms as those experienced by Tim.

It is important to note that since the MarbleHornets crew has stated they do not use any parts of the mythos that have arisen since the creation of the series; they do not use the term proxy. Therefore, Hoody is not a proxy. Hoody also does not suffer Slender Sickness.


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