Heather McComber's father is a member of The Order's New Jersey Chapter. In 1998, his own father, Marc McComber, attempted to convince him to leave the organization, but he refused and had Marc placed into a mental institution in response. Heather initially claimed he then began having arguments with his wife, Heather's mother, over his involvement with The Order and ultimately left her and Heather without a means of contacting him. She later implied this to be untrue, claiming his mother would do anything he says, as well as saying that she ran away from her father upon turning eighteen. According to Heather, her father became addicted to the power he held within The Order, a result of his own father having been the organization's Oracle.

It is possible that he is "J. McComber", who was an eighteen year-old member of The Order in 1985. According to The Order's East Coast Assembly Manifest, J. McComber walked with a limp.