Glitch is the tenth and secret chapter in Slender: The Arrival.

Accessing the chapter Edit

This chapter can be easily accessed by playing Prologue. In the chapter, make your way to Kate's house. Outside of the house there is a missing poster of Charlie Matheson Jr. on a tree. Going up to it will cause text to appear on screen saying "I better keep an eye out". Once this text appears on screen, head back to the main menu and replay Prologue. Repeat this process twice and by the third time you go up the missing poster, you screen will distort and the level will load.

Walkthrough Edit

Once the level loads, text will appear on screen saying "I'm lost, can you find me?". You will then start the level outside of Kate's house with a much of the environment missing. The entire level is focused on playing a game of hide-and-seek with Slender Man. Frequently throughout this level, you screen will distort and you will be Slender Man will teleport you to another location on the map. Eventually, you will find Slender Man in one of the rooms of Kate's house. The screen will turn black, and another text will appear on the screen saying "I like you, I want to play a game.". This will cause the same level to load again, but with a different objective. Once the level loads, there will be text on the screen saying "I will find you instead". You must now hide from Slender Man, although he will again be teleporting you to different location around the map. Once Slender Man "finds" you, he will teleport you to the back of the house, where you will be on fire and Slender Man is walking towards you from different directions. One he reaches you, the screen will show the missing poster of Charlie combined with the Slender Man's face before turning black, saying "You are dead"; thus ending the level.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the level comes from the game's files, the music played during the level is titled "glitch.ogg".
  • If you press "Start Game" after completing the level, a new level will load that shows the camera looking up at the sky and the screen distorting. Eventually, the audio distortion will get louder until Slender Man's death screen appears.
  • Throughout the level, Kate's Chaser noises can be heard, although the Chaser never makes an appearance herself.