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Genesis is the eighth chapter of Slender: The Arrival. The entire level serves as an updated version of the original Slender.

Plot Edit

Kate and her friend Carl Ross go to the woods behind her house to go "ghost hunting". After they enter, Carl gets lost and ends up falling down some rocks and losing his flashlight. Kate, however, climbs a fence and enters another section of the park. As she begins to explore the area, she begins to find strange pages. After picking one up, an ominous drum begins to pound in the distance. Kate continues exploring the area, collecting several pages. She then begins to receive 'hallucinations' of Slender Man. After collecting all eight pages, Kate is ambushed by Slender Man, who tells her he has 'plans' for her.

Trivia Edit

  • This level confirms Kate as the main protagonist of Slender: The Eight Pages.

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