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The flashlight in Slender, shining on a page.

Flashlights are a type of hand held portable light source that appear in many Slender Man games. In the games, the players are often in dark environments, forcing the player to use their flashlight in order to illuminate these areas. However, this can also make it harder to avoid the Slender Man, as they make him easier to see, and he can see the player better.

Slender Edit

The flashlight in Slender has limited battery life, thus limiting the flashlight's effectiveness. Once it is dead (after 15 minutes), the player will be forced to continue to collect the pages through the forest in complete darkness. Turning the flashlight off by right clicking prevents it from draining. According to Slender: The Arrival, the reason why the player starts off with the flashlight is that Kate (the unseen protagonist) went into the forest with her friend CR regularly, flashlight in hand, spooking each other for fun.

Slender: The Arrival Edit

Chaser... (2)

The Chaser, blinded by the flashlight.

The flashlight returns in Slender: The Arrival. Lauren finds it at Kate's House in Prologue. This flashlight is different from previous games as it has both a regular and focus state. The flashlight runs on a battery and can die if used for too long. Additionally, the flashlight can attract Slender Man in The Eight Pages and can be used to blind the Chaser in Into The Abyss, as it is sensitive to light.

Slender Rising Edit

In Slender Rising, the flashlight, at default, has unlimited battery power, and can be turned on and off at will. The player can toggle between unlimited power, battery power, a lantern, and no light source in the options menu.