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Flashback is the fourth chapter of Slender: The Arrival.

Overview Edit

Characters Edit

Locations Edit

Plot Edit

After escaping the mines, Lauren exits to witness a breathtaking view of Oakside Park. She continues to explore the area, looking for clues regarding Kate's current whereabouts. After trekking some distance, Lauren enters a cave leading to an abandoned building. Inside, she finds two video tapes and an old television. She picks up a tape and puts it in the VHS player on top of the television.

Notes Edit

  • You can find a teddy bear lying next to a tree near the cliffs in this level. Selecting this teddy bear will trigger Chapter 5: "Memories".
  • Picking up the tape near the television at the end of this level will trigger Chapter 6: "Escape". Picking up the tape with the folder next to it will trigger Chapter 7: "Homestead". You cannot pick up both tapes simultaneously.
  • This is the only level in Slender: The Arrival to not have an enemy in it.

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