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Firebrand's "monster" appearance.


Firebrand, "F", The Stubborn, The White King, Rogue God


Human?, Rogue God, Entity





Firebrand was a proxy from the TribeTwelve series, who later became a seperate entity from Slender Man. He appears with messy hair that sometimes appears as short and shaggy, or long and unkempt, with tiny white eyes and a hungry toothy grin, and eyes on his palms, sometimes surfacing from his body. He was revealed with the alias "The Stubborn" by the Observer via Twitter on February 14, 2012. It was revealed that he is actually Noah Maxwell from a separate dimension of time during the 11-11-12 Live Stream.

Firebrand's true motives are unknown. He originally appeared in single frames during TribeTwelve videos, but soon became a crucial and controversial character. Originally he was an agent of Slender Man, but he betrayed the Collective on November 11th, 2012 by preventing the Observer from assimilating Noah into the Collective and providing him with information on the journal of a previous target of the Collective, Sebastian Kraus, and Mary Asher. Currently possessed by Karl Maxwell, the journal contains information on a mysterious blade which is dangerous towards the Collective, and cannot be retrieved by them.

During 11-11-12, a separate Noah from a dimension of time several minutes earlier took the form of Firebrand. Noah said at the end of the video, "Firebrand...Me...Thank you." All of this reveals that Firebrand is in fact Noah from a separate dimension of time itself. On the last frame of "The Livestream Incident", after Noah said "Thank you.", Firebrand revealed his true form; a disfigured (burned) Noah, replying "You're fucking welcome". It is presumed that in an alternate future universe, Firebrand-Noah was somehow severely burned. This could be similar to how Kevin becomes the Observer, and Noah becomes Firebrand.

In the video Firebrand posted to the Tribe Twelve account, DEUS EX MACHINA,  Firebrand reveals that he is no longer an agent of Slender Man, and thus no longer a proxy, but a separate entity with no right to exist, and refers himself as a "Rogue God". He hints that his connection to Slender Man was somehow broken by the actions of Evan/HABIT from EverymanHYBRID by showing a clip of an Evan-like figure with an axe. Like the Observer, he requires Karl Maxwell's journal. He also informs Noah that in the future he will reveal more information through a "gift of knowledge." The video uses many of the same elements as the Observer's videos.

In "Extraordinary Circumstances," Noah attempts to open the briefcase he received in the previous video. After getting it open, Noah finds several of Milo's belongings. Afterward, he pulls the bottom out to find multiple bundles of $100 bills. After Noah mutters "I'm rich?," Firebrand appears in the doorway and says "It wasn't easy, but you can thank me later, bye for now." The camera briefly flashes to the look of and animated Firebrand. When Noah attempts to pursue, he finds Firebrand gone.


  • He appears in the collective group shot in HAPPYBIRTHDAY
  • He appears beside Noah's bed as he is sleeping, gathered from Noah's Formspring.
  • He opens Noah's hotel door and was presumed to have dragged Noah into Slender Man's realm.
  • He has a closeup shot in the last frame of November 11th
    • Later in The Live Stream Incident we learn that he does not drag Noah to the Collective's realm. Slender Man was the one that did that.
  • He appears on Noah's Twitter as a king chess piece, and a twitpic of him is also provided (see above)
  • He appears briefly during the video INTERCEPTION preventing the Observer from claiming Noah. He also provides several words of encouragement, saying to Noah that he can "win the game" and claims that he and Noah are "best friends."
  • He posts the video "DEUS EX MACHINA" on Noah's account, where he assures his alliance to Noah, and promises to help him. He shows a locked box, and implies that he will be sending it to Noah.
  • He appears in Milo's Tape, where he delivers the briefcase to Mr. Scars.


  • The font Firebrand uses in his messages is called the OCR-A font.


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