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This is an educational video to clear up many common misconceptions about The Slenderman mythos. These misconceptions are listed in no particular order, and this video was made to clear up some of the most common (and annoying) misconceptions seen among the fandom.

Art credits: Unfortunately, I currently don't know the artists for the two comics I used. If I find them, I will add them to the description. Music: Instrumental version of The Slenderman Song by Zipzipper (aka TheIllusoryGentalman)

Hello my name is PyroGothNerd, I am an admin for The Slender Man Wiki (, and I am here to clear up some common misconceptions about The Slender Man Mythos. “Why?” you may ask, it is because of the large amount of misinformation floating around out there that we deal with on a day to day basis.

Let us begin with some of the most popular misconceptions about the mythos in regards to the Marble Hornets characters “Masky” and “Hoodie”.  Despite common belief Masky and Hoodie are not in fact Proxies. Proxies do not actually exist in the Marble Hornets cannon due to it being created long before proxies were cannon within the Mythos. Masky and Hoodie are not real and are played by actors Masky (played by Tim Sutton) and Hoodie (Played by Brian Haight). Aside from that reason Masky and Hoodie have clearly been show trying to fight back against The Operator, which brings us to another common misconception.

The Marble Hornets franchise deals with an entity called “The Operator” not The Slender Man. The Operator was inspired by The Slender Man but at the time was a completely separate creature. However, due to Marble Hornets popularity and the lack of information at the time people soon began to mix the 2 which lead to the modern day interpretation of The Slender Man. The Operator Symbol used within the Marble Hornets cannon is a symbol of The Operator, not the slender man. Therefor for those writing stories of the slender man please refrain from using said symbol within your works as it will remove some legitimacy from said work. The symbol is actually older than both the slender man and marble hornets and has been used for many purposes.

This brings us to a rather important topic as of late, and that is that Creepy pastas are purely fiction. Masky, Hoodie, The Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, Tiki Toby, ALL of these characters are purely FICTION. It is completely reasonable to enjoy these stories and characters, however, please do not immolate these characters or glorify them. There are many within many different fandoms who idolize characters such as this and “want to have their babies” or “love them” in an un-ironic way. This kind of thinking is not health especially for someone under the age of 25 whose mind is still being developed.  I cannot reiterate this enough that these creatures are fiction. They cannot hurt you, can’t follow you, and stalk you, etc for they are not real. If you truly think that these creatures exist and act upon those thoughts I please urge you to speak to your doctor or a qualified mental health professional immediately.

On a lighter note were you aware that the slender man is copyrighted? The creator of The Slender Man, Victor Surge, owns the copyright on the slender man. What does this mean for you? It means that if you create a work(Movie, book, game, etc) and use the slender man in it you will be breaking copyright law unless the copyright is used within the terms of fair use. Basically if you write a horror story about the slender man and sell it you can, and probably will, be sued for illegal use of that copyright.

However that being said, there are ways to create things similar to the slender man and it fall under fair use. For example, The Ender men in Minecraft are loosely based off of the slender man. You heard correct Ender Man is a copy of The Slender man and not the other way around. The slender man was created in 2009 by victor surge on the Something Awful forums. The Ender man was created early 2011 after popularity for the slender man began to grow, and was thus added as a Mob in Minecraft. In the same instance The Slender man was created long before the game ”Slender: The Eight Pages” was released. As previously stated The Slender Man was created in 2009 while Slender the 8 pages was created in 2012. Which brings us to our next point, the name Slender comes from the title of the game, the creatures name however is in fact “The Slender Man”

Something that is easier to mistake comes in the form of the difference between ARE and ARG. ARE stand for Alternate Reality experience. It is an experience that unfolds before you but you have no control over much like a web series you watch. ARG stands for Alternate Reality Game, the difference being that your actions can actually affect the events and outcome of the game due to the creators giving you things to do. For more information you can look it up on google or even on our site.

Sadly we must now turn to the darker side of the community, Proxies. A Proxie within cannon is a pawn, a slave if you will. Something to be used up until there is nothing left and then discarded and left to wallow in their own madness. Proxies do not get special treatment or even powers of any kind. They are simply poor unfortunate souls whom are being controlled into doing the bidding of a creature who could not care less if they lived or died. A Proxy is not something one should aspire to be, it is a curse.

Why is this important to you, and the mythos as a whole? It is important because of the 2 girls who carried out the stabbings in Waukesha Wisconsin. These 2 girls Morgan and Anissa Weier stabbed Payton Leutner 19 times in a Waukesha park following a sleepover, then left her and planned to walk hundreds of miles north to meet Slender Man in a forest. Payton was able to crawl out of the woods in the park to a path where she was found by a bicyclist in 2014. These 2 girls are monsters who knew nothing of the Mythos. If they did they would know that Slender man does not accept human sacrifice (Only paypal or visa, no Amex though), Being a proxy is a very bad thing to be, and there is no mansion in the woods. They are just 2 twisted, deranged girls who thought it was okay to murder another human being and used the slender man as a scape goat. Anyone who glorifies these girls needs help same as anyone who idolizes any murderer.

Transcribed and edited by Lazarus Jack

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