This article discusses content originating from the ARG or ARE Marble Hornets and thus is confirmed to be fictional.
Characters and organizations discussed are portrayed by actors.

Eli is a minor character appearing at the beginning of Always Watching, and opens the movie alongside Jamie.


Eli appears abruptly with Jamie, and is fleeing through the woods at night. She points out her car is not far away, and her and Eli make a dash for it.


Eli, at some point, vanishes, and reappears standing in front of the vehicle after Jamie has already made it inside. She begs him to get into the car, and he doesn't react, instead going out of his way to bust his head through the driver window. He attacks Jamie and wrestles her out of the car, and a loud bone snap is heard followed by silence, possibly indicating that Eli killed Jamie.

He is never seen again after this, and either was dead and came back to life to kill Jamie, or had lost his mind suddenly without explanation (although likely due to The Operator).


  • The video Eli is shown in is possibly the video that Dan had seen which started this whole mess. unfortunately, we never learn Eli's story, or how he and Jamie got into this situation. Furthermore, we never find out how her camera ended up at a sale.
  • It's never made clear why he and Jamie were in the woods outside of their car. 
  • It's never been made clear if Eli died, or simply walked away from the scene after regaining control of himself.