Edward O'Conner is a minor character in TribeTwelve. He is a friend and former classmate of Noah. He works in an electronics repair shop with his father, and repairs new and old electronics for a living. People speculate that Edward could be Swain but this is not yet confirmed.

In 2015, Noah was asked on his account if he had been in contact with Edward. Noah responded with "i dont want him to die." suggesting that he has distanced himself from Edward in order to keep him safe.

Appearance in TribeTwelve Edit

He appears only once in the series; in the video Device Analysis. He is visiting family in the area and stops by to tell Noah what The Device is and how it works.

As he analyzes the device, he is extremely fascinated by its design and functional ability to the point that he goes as far as asking Noah who made it, saying he'd like to shake the hand of the person who put it together.

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