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DeadHead is a Proxy from the TribeTwelve ARG. Like the other named proxies in the series, DeadHead is a member of the Collective. DeadHead's only defining features are his hoodie and skull mask.

Not much is known about DeadHead, aside from the fact that he seemed to be the one stalking Sebastian, and is currently stalking Karl Maxwell. The Observer claims that DeadHead was among the Collective before he was.

The name DeadHead comes from the German word, "Totenkopf", or "death's head". The Totenkopf is symbolized by a skull and was used by the the Nazi SS and Luftwaffe, further connecting DeadHead with Germany and the Third Reich.


  • His age and body type are unknown, but he is speculated to be male, due to his masculine build.
  • He appears in the TribeTwelve: HAPPYBIRTHDAY video alongside the other members of the Collective, standing next Mr. Scars.
  • During the final frame of HAPPYBIRTHDAY, the words "auf Wiedersehen"—a German farewell phrase—appear in his mouth.
  • He wears a robe similar to the one worn by the Overseer in the Order.
  • He was revealed officially as "The Nationalist" on Twitter by the Observer during the Valentine's 2012 livestream.
  • He represents the Black Knight chess piece. ♞


  • There is not much information known about Deadhead, but there is current speculation that he is a Nazi, due to his stalking Sebastian in the World War II era, as well the German text and his description as "thenationalist"

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