Log Entry #6 [12/12/2010 7:28 PM]
Log Entry 6

Log Entry 6

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December 12, 2010



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Log Entry #6 [12/12/2010 7:28 PM] is the sixth video in the DarkHarvest00 ARG/ARE series.


I didn't notice the visual and audio problems when I was recording it initially. I'm guessing my camera must be malfunctioning. That aside, I'm moving into Alex's house until this whole thing blows over.

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[Start video, in Chris' house. Alex is sitting slouched on a couch.]

Chris: Hey, Alex?

Alex: What?

Chris: C-can I talk to you for second?

[TV: B-A-A-C-E, Ethan, Danny...]

Alex: That camera again?

Chris: I'm sorry

Alex: Can you put it away?

Chris: No. Well I feel like I need it, I mean I'm kind of paranoid lately.

Alex: about this stupid video?

Chris: yeah, did you see the last video?

Alex: I saw it...

Chris: What do you think that was?

Alex: It was probably just... are you sure your parents weren't home? Like... scanning around your bedroom?

Chris: Dude, it turned on by itself.

[Cut to black, Resumes in same position]

Alex: It's all pretty creepy, yeah.

Chris: I don't know

Alex: Turning on by itself... I honestly don't know what to tell you.

Chris: What should I do? Like, I- I'm r- [sigh] like, I don't know if I can stay here anymore

Alex: You know I c- I can actually ask my Mom and Dad and... since it's Winter Break you'd kinda like, stay at my house till it all blows off

Chris: Really?

Alex: Yeah

Chris: That'd... That'd be really good

Alex: Yeah you'd just uh... yeah ____ {Illegible}. I'll just have to talk to my mom and stuff, though.

[footsteps/ banging is heard in house. Both freeze.]

Chris: What the fuck is that? Let's go upstairs.

[Video distorts the green and red. Audio distortion is heavy and they run up the stairs. Distortion stops.]

Alex: What the fuck...

Chris: go in.

Alex: i'm going.

Chris: Is somebody in there? [Calls out] hello??

Alex: You go in.

[Walks into room, attic staircase is pulled down]

Alex: ... The fuck...?

Chris: Attic's down... here hold the camera. [Gives camera to Alex, goes to the stairs and climbs. Alex looks behind, panting and paranoid.]

Alex: Good... gonna have to move all this stuff. [looks up at Chris]

Chris: He put some newspapers here...

Alex: that's it?

Chris: that's all I see. [calls into attic] Is anybody there? [reaches down to Alex] Here, hand me the camera. [Alex gives it to him]

Alex: [quietly] There ya go. [Chris scans the attic with the camera. Darkness makes it almost impossible to see a thing]

Chris: I don't know, all I see are these Newspapers

Alex: wow.. [Chuckles] camera was upside down...

Chris: [with newspapers in hand] I don't know where these came from. They weren't here before.

Alex: well it was probably in those... boxes, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Alex: Let's put it back.

[Attic staircase creaks as it is put back up, camera cuts out. Resumes. Camera man, supposedly Chris, opens door and goes out to patio. Looks around, goes to window and sees nothing. Walks back out, camera cuts out again. Resumes. TV can be heard.]

Alex: Chris, come here.

Chris: What's up?

Alex: look, this is from the newspapers that uh... You found upstairs. Um...

Chris: What's with all the black?

Alex: yeah... Everything, every single month is blacked off.

Chris: why? What's the date?

Alex: No idea. [looks down at paper] 19th of... 2001.

Chris: What's the article about?

Alex: It, um... Marc McComber, missing from his home... just disappeared one day, and police just had no leads to where he was. [Pause, Alex looks down] Isn't this... isn't this your house?

Chris: what you mean?

Alex: Look, look at the address.

[camera goes back, audio distortion]

When he disappeared...

Chris: Oh my-

[Audio and Video distortion, camera cuts back to a position from under the newspaper on the table]

Alex: Dude... [Pause] Well I'm going. [Camera comes up, follows Alex through kitchen]

Chris: Dude wait up... wait

Alex: What.

Chris: Can I go with you? Please?

Alex: no.

Chris: Why?

Alex: I'm creeped out.

Chris: but dude, you think it's safe to stay here?

Alex: No... no dude, I really don't...

Chris: Please dude, come on... you, you said before.

Alex: What.

Chris: That you'd let me stay.

Alex: [pause. Sighs] OK, fine. Go get your stuff.

Chris: OK... thank you... [walks to get stuff]

Alex: I'll be right here.



Chris and Alex start discussing what Chris has been going through. When Chris reveals how unnerved he is becoming, Alex invites him to come live at his house. There is a thumping noise from upstairs, and the two run upstairs to investigate as heavy distortion occurs. They find the entrance to the attic open and discover an old newspaper, one of which discusses the disappearance of Marc McComber, who used to live in Chris's house. Alex, frightened by the situation, rethinks letting Chris live with him, but Chris convinces him to allow it.

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