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Log Entry #5 [11/30/2010 11:01 PM]
Log Entry 501:39

Log Entry 5

Upload Date

November 30, 2010



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Slender Man


Log Entry #5 [11/30/2010 11:01 PM] is the fifth video in the DarkHarvest00 ARG/ARE series.


Uploaded on Nov 30, 2010.



[On Screen Text: So I did what Alex told me. I set up a camera in my room to record me while I sleep. I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. It felt like someone was choking me. I immediately checked the camera. This is what I found.]

[Chris remains sound asleep, when his TV turns on of its own accord, and a strange buzzing noise is heard. The TV turns off again, and Chris wakes up. He gets out of bed, grabbing the camera and looking around.]

Chris: (panting) fuck... fuck... (Pause) what the fuck was that...?

[He steps out of his room and looks down a staircase. He finds nothing.]

Chris: ...the fuck is this shit...?


Analysis Edit

A mysterious entity seemed to grab Chris' throat, turn on his TV and then disappear without a trace. It was not visible on camera, and when Chris looked around it was gone.

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Log Entry 5

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