Log Entry #4 [11/30/2010 7:12 PM]
Log Entry 4

Log Entry 4

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November 30, 2010



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Log Entry #4 [11/30/2010 7:12 PM] is the fourth video in the DarkHarvest00 ARG/ARE series.


Alex comes to get his shirt.


[VIDEO STARTS. Chris's house, lower floor. Doorbell rings and camera moves to the front door as Chris is holding the camera. He opens it to see Alex outside]

Alex: What's up?

Chris: Hey. [Alex enters the house] You know, you left your shirt here.

Alex: Yeah, I know I know I know. That's why I'm coming to get it.

Chris: What happened to your glasses?

Alex: The frames broke this morning.

Chris: Oh. [turns on the light, both of them head towards the stairs] Here, it's upstairs.

Alex: Yeah, I was waking up out of bed and, um, this... the camera thing again?

Chris: Yeah

Alex: Wow.(Chris laughs) Ok, um.. My glasses broke, I woke up, they fell off my nightstand and the frame just snapped so I figured I get some tomorrow

[both enter Chris's room]

Chris: Okay.

[Camera moves to a TV screen, a video game that Chris had been playing]

Alex: Master Quest?

Chris: Yeah, I just started it.

Alex: Okay, cool. Um..

Chris: [setting the camera down] I'm just gonna leave this here. [camera is pointed towards the doorway, him and Alex are visible]

Alex: (mumbling)

[camera cuts out, likely and edit to save time. When the video resumes it is pointed in the same place]

Chris: [holding Alex's jacket] Oh, here it is.

Alex: Cool, okay. Cause I was changing for work and I forgot about this.

Chris: Yeah, that's bad.

Alex: Alright, um...

[camera cuts to black again, resumes]

Alex: Oh, by the way I saw your video on YouTube

Chris: Yeah, but... I don't know what was going on. Pretty weird.

Alex: Yeah, the whole email thing?

Chris: Yeah.

Alex: Um... You know my Uncle's actually a cop, on my mom side and uh... he said that, You know you live near Asbury...

Chris: Yeah, true.

Alex: Maybe... you know.

Chris: Why didn't they steal anything though? If they want, like, money?

Alex: Well he could've... (Pause) that's a good point. Well who would want to fiddle on your laptop? And just send emails to yourself? Like...

Chris: Isn't that weird?

Alex: Either that...

Chris: Like...

Alex: Either that or does anyone know your email password?

Chris: Well I left it on. I mean, like, they had to have come in here. Because they took pictures right in my window. Like... [the two walk to the window] I should probably lock it now, too.

Alex: You didn't lock it the day it happened?

Chris: No. (Pause) no I didn't lock it, but I figured 'who, like, climbs into second-story windows? Like, just to fuck around on my laptop?

Alex: Second-story windows? Is there anyway they could've been _____? {Illegible}

Chris: I mean, they could've gotten a ladder or something.

Alex: Yeah but... (pause) okay, I don't know.

Chris: Well close this window, it creeps me out.

Alex: Okay (walking towards the game) Um... well... still, you should probably just go. Maybe they might have... (pause) The picture's taken at, like, night, right?

Chris: No, it was at 4.

Alex: 4?

Chris: Yeah, I was at work.

Alex: Well... maybe, they might come again, and creep you out. So I might as well just, uh, leave the camera. (pause) leave that camera, (points to camera) over there, (points to clock) right on your clock.

Chris: My clock?

Alex: Yeah, just your clock, like kind of elevated. And just, like, make... point it out the window, or yourself, just to... be sure, okay? Stop being so paranoid.

Chris: I'm not being paranoid or anything. I mean, it is concerning though.

Alex: Ok. Just uh... thanks for the shirt...

Chris: Yeah

Alex: {Illegible mumble}

Chris: You don't want to hang out or anything?

Alex: I could stay for, like, 30 minutes but that's about it.

Chris: Okay.

Alex: Cause my mom wants me home for dinner. So... what do you want to do (walks toward the game) play?

Chris: Yeah, sure. [Alex goes over to the game, Chris gets off the bed, picks up the camera and holds it toward Alex playing the game]

Alex: (chuckles) what...? (Chris laughs)

Chris: What's so funny...?

Alex: ______ {illegible} You're so bad at this...

Chris: Shut up

Alex: I remember when I'd do this when I was, like, six.

Chris: You can go... shut up [Alex flings a slingshot in the game, a ding is heard from console]

Alex: Oh wow (chuckles)

[camera cuts again, resumes pointed at screen. Sound effects]

Dude, I don't know about you, but is there, are your parents like um, cutting down on gas so they're like turning the heat low?

Chris: What, like...

Alex: It's pretty fuckin' cold in here.

Chris: Yeah it's kinda cold, hold on. (Moving towards Alex) I'll go check the thermostat... here, hold this

Alex: Hi mom..

Chris: You're gay.

Alex: Thanks. (Both moving down stairs) I'm filming you.

[Chris goes out of view, camera pointed down dark stairs. Chris comes back up]

Chris: Um, it must be broken or something.

Alex: What does it say?

Chris: It says it's set to 75°.

Alex: Seriously...?

Chris: Yeah.

Alex: That's retarded.

Chris: I don't know, whatever. {Asks for camera, illegible}

Alex: No!

Chris: Yeah... gimme that sh-

[Camera cuts to black again, resumes pointed toward Alex playing the video game]

Alex: (playing) tell me when

Chris: I'm filming now

Alex: Oh good... okay. I'm finally beating the fucking [phone rings, Alex pauses the game and answers it]

Alex: (talking on phone) Yeah, well I'm sorry I lost track of time. (Sighs) My battery's dying. Yeah. Okay. I'll be home in a second. Bye [Alex hangs up, gets off the bed]

Chris:You have to go?

Alex: Yeah I have to go, my mom's pissed. Um...

Chris: Don't forget your shirt. [Alex appears to have misplaced it, he looks around and Chris gestures towards his books where the sweatshirt sits] it's over there. [Alex picks something up]

Alex: What's this for?

Chris: Uh, the light?

Alex: Yeah.

Chris: That's... I don't like to sleep without a light on, now. Like, I don't have a night light so I just use a flashlight.

Alex: Okay... creep.

Chris: (chuckles) shut up [Alex walks out door] K, bye...

Alex: I'll talk to you later

Chris: Okay.



Alex comes to Chris's house to retrieve a shirt he had previously left there. They begin discussing the recent events, and try to piece together what has been happening. After extensive discussion, particularly of the events of Log Entry 3, Alex recommends that Chris set up a camera to take surveilance of his room while he sleeps.

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