Log Entry #3 [11/29/2010 6:51 PM]
Log Entry 3

Log Entry 3

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November 29, 2010



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Log Entry #3 [11/29/2010 6:51 PM] is the third video in the DarkHarvest00 ARG/ARE series.

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I guess I should start locking my windows.


[Video opens with Chris filming himself in a dark room.]

Chris: Hey guys it's me, um, I just got home from work today, and I'm pretty... freaked out here, first of all my power's out as you can see it's pretty dark in here.  Um, my cellphone still works, my laptop still works, so I figured I might as well just go on my laptop and check my email, and I found something pretty... let me just show you.  [Chris points the camera at the laptop.]  I got an email at 4:14 from myself, except I wasn't here, I was at work, and this is what I got.  A series of 3 pictures, each of them titled "Mortem Obire". This is the first picture. It's a picture of my laptop with the words "Mortem Obire" written on it, it looks it was taken in my looks like. I have another one, this is the second picture...I cannot honestly tell what it is, looks like a doorway, maybe an arm or something, I can't tell, and then I have this third picture.  And it's a picture of my room from my window with the window open, I came back into my room today, and everything seemed fine, I'm home alone at the moment too. This happened around 4 o' clock, which is the same time as um... that disturbance from the other day. I didn't want to call the police because I didn't want to make a big deal out of nothing, because it could just be one of friends playing a prank or something, they know I'm pretty freaked out since this shit started happening, I told some of my friends today, and while I'm out at work anybody could have gotten in and sent these.  I'll upload these pictures to my twitter so you can take a look at them and see you think.  I didn't actually bother looking up the meaning of the words "Mortem Obire" [He types "mortem obire" into the Google search bar.]  Um... that's... [At the end of the video some slight rumbling is heard.] 


  • "Mortem Obire" means to "going to meet with death" in Latin.


Chris, after arriving home from work, discovered that his power was out and attempted to check his email on his laptop. He discovered that he had received an email from his own account while he was at work, which contained three images titled "Mortem Obire". The images revealed that somebody had been in his room around the same time that his door had seemingly shut on its own. He then discovers that "Mortem Obire" can roughly be translated to "going to meet death".


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