Log Entry #2 [11/28/2010 2:15 PM]
Log Entry 2

Log Entry 2

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November 28, 2010



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Log Entry #2 [11/28/2010 2:15 PM] is the second video in the DarkHarvest ARG/ARE series.

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I ask Alex what he thinks about the disturbance from the other day.


[Video opens with Alex and Chris walking along a path in the woods]

Chris: Hey, do you believe in ghosts?

Alex:  Kind of... y-yeah... pretty much.

Chris: Wait, what do you mean?

Alex: Like it's just... the whole spirit thing... it's complicated.

[Alex looks at the camera]

Alex: What's with the camera?  Why are you filming me?

Chris: Well, I've been filming myself lately, and this is just kind of like part of my... like, experience. 

Chris: Well, I'll explain everything later.

Alex: You're a creeper.

Chris: [Affecting a voice] Not really.

Alex: Yeah.

Chris: Well, okay... I guess I should just start from the beginning.  Um, the other day, I was in my house, and I was all alone, and I started hearing these noises, and I didn't know where it was coming from, it sounded like...

[Video cuts to black]

Alex: Are you still recording?

Chris: The battery must of died, it shut off by itself or something.  Anyway, I need to finish my story.

Alex: Okay.

Chris: So then, the door just slammed shut by itself.

[Short pause]

Alex: Okay... okay Chris.

Chris: Seriously!  I have it on camera if you want to see it.

Alex: Let me see it, okay?  Let's go to your house.

Chris: Okay.  [5 second pause]  I mean, I'm telling you, I don't make these things up.

Alex: I mean, that's what I'm saying.

[Video cuts to Alex on his computer in Chris' room]

Alex: What was it called?

Chris: It's, um, Log Entry #1... just look up DarkHarvest00.

[Alex clicks the video.  It shows the beginning of Log Entry #1 where Chris roams around a dark room.]

Alex: Some shit gonna pop out at me or something?

Chris: No, just watch.

[Alex looks closer at the video.  After a while, the door slams shut behind Chris.]

Alex: Wait, the door just... shut on it's own?

Chris: Did you hear that?

Alex: Hear what?

Chris: Go back a little.  [Short pause while Alex watches the video]  As you can tell, it freaked the shit out of mean.

Alex: Dude... wait.  The side door, did you lock the side door on purpose or...?

Chris: Well, it was locked from before, I just wanted to get out of my house, and like I didn't want to run directly into the street.  But, I kinda had to.  It scared the shit out of me, I don't know what to make out of that.  It's weird.

Alex: You didn't see anything in the window afterwards?

Chris: I didn't see anything, but... I don't know.

Alex: That's pretty weird shit.  [Alex maneuvers to a certain part in the video]  That... that one part.  [Pauses the video]  Right there.

Chris: Yeah.

Alex: That's really creepy.  That's kind of like uh...

Chris: What do you think it is?

Alex: Dude let's go.  [Alex gets up.]

[They go to the room where Chris was filming.]

Chris: What's up, dude?

Alex: Are you sure it wasn't the floor creaking?

Chris: No.  It doesn't creak that much.  It does a little, but I don't know what would make that sound.  But that's not the point, what caused it to slam shut like that?

Alex: That's like paranormal activity stuff.

Chris: Think I could sell it? 

Alex: Yeah, to like Ghost Hunters or something like that.  You should just call Ghost Busters or something like that.  Let's go down and eat lunch or something, I'm starving.

Chris: Alright.


Chris asks his friend, Alex, if he believes in ghosts, before trying to explain what has been happening to him, and why he has been filming himself. He and Alex return to Chris's house to review the video and proceed to investigate the house for unusual occurances.

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