Log Entry #1 [11/26/2010 4:02 PM]
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Log Entry 1

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November 26, 2010



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Log Entry #1 [11/26/2010 4:02 pm] is the first video uploaded in the DarkHarvest00 ARG/ARE.


After a few weeks of weird stuff happening I decided to find my camera and record what's going on in the house.

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No words spoken throughout video

[VIDEO STARTS. Camera moves towards the dark doorway in the house, then looks to the left where stairs can be seen. Camera moves into the darkroom and shifts, as the person filming seems to scan the room. The person holding the camera then leaves the room the same way they came in. Loud slam. The camera looks behind to the doorframe and the door has been slammed shut behind it. Person filming then tries to open the door with a knob. It's locked. Then the cameraman turns to the stairs and runs down to the floor below, turns left and then goes through a dining room. Tries the door knob. Locked. The cameraman then dashes to the front door, tries the knob and it opens and he/she runs toward the street. After looking back at the house the cameraman then proceeds to walk down the sidewalk. END VIDEO.]


Someone films the inside of his house as a door seemingly closes on its own, prompting them to run outside. After trying multiple exits, the cameraman goes to the front door, finds it unlocked and runs outside.


Chris films the inside of his house as a door seemingly closes on its own, prompting him to run outside.

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