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Log 8

Log 8

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December 21, 2010



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Log #8 is the ninth video in the DarkHarvest00 ARG/ARE.

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[Chris walks downstairs holding camera, Alex is in what appears to be the Living room playing Wii Bowling]

Chris: Alex? Alex?

Alex: yeah?

Chris: You need to tell me what happened to you last Monday.

Alex: [looks at Chris] Dude, put the camera away

Chris: Dude, y- come on this is important...

Alex: [interupting] I told you... I told you like 50 times

Chris: It's important

Alex: [frustrated] I don't remember anything

Chris: How can you not remember? It was a whole day

Alex: I just don't, okay?

Chris: How do you go missing f- And wake up on your front lawn... you don't remember anything?

Alex: No, I really don't {inaudible}

Chris: I don't believe you, you're lying.

Alex: (throws remote down, looks at Chris and is clearly pissed off) Don't you call me a f-

[camera cuts out suddenly. When it resumes, Alex is hunched over and appears hurt]

Chris: Dude, what the fuck? Come on, what are you doing?

Alex: (stands upright, goes to door and begins to leave angrily) ... calls me a fucking liar...

Chris: Where you going?

Alex: (slams door shut behind him, is out of the house)

To Be Continued


Chris confronts Alex about him going missing and waking up on his front lawn. He later leaves, and Chris chases after him. Heavy distortion occurs, and he finds Alex unconscious on the ground. He takes him back to Alex's house, where Alex is seen vommiting blood. In text, Chris tells us that he called 911 and took Alex to the E.R.

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