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The Collective as seen in HAPPYBIRTHDAY

"We are cryptic creatures by nature, pacified by his dark force, puppets meant to manipulate your world through mortal vessels." -Firebrand', DEATHTRAPEXODUS

The Collective is a mysterious, hivemind-like group of entities who manipulate the world through mortal vessels. Each member has been converted into a powerful being by the Administrator, but exists as his servant, pacified and controlled like a puppet by a puppeteer.


According to The Observer's Formspring answers, the Collective has been around for a very long time, existing at the time of World War II in the 1940's, and most likely a very long time before then. The Collective's numbers are unquantifiable, but there are several prominent members. The Collective is described as a limb of the Slender Man. In DEATHTRAPEXODUS, Firebrand reveals that Slender Man gives them "great power", yet deprives them of their free will. The Collective exists in a separate realm, where time moves non-linearly.

Each member has their own obligations, and each appears to be following different people. The Observer follows Noah and DeadHead appears to have been following Sebastian, the writer of the journal in Karl's possession.

Similarly, it's suggested each member possesses a living host to live in the real world, which "catalyzes [their] power and function."[1].


Current Members

  • The Observer: The most well-known member. Wears glasses and is using Kevin as a vessel. Referred to as "The Eyes"
  • DeadHead: Wears a skull mask. Most likely followed Sebastian and is possibly following Karl Maxwell. Deadhead's name comes from the German word Totenkopf, which means "death's head". He is referred to by the Observer as "The Nationalist". He is seen more often than most members, and could be of a higher standing.
  • Persolus: Persolus is Latin for "quite alone", his visage resembles that of an old man, and is referred to by The Observer as "The Hermit". It has been suggested, and likely, that Persolus is Karl Maxwell.
  • Swain: The person to the Observer's left, shown wearing a theater mask and an old European soldier uniform. He is referred to as "The Lover". His non-proxy name is Sebastian Kraus. He also created the journal that the collective is attempting to acquire back, this journal makes whoever acquires it invincible to slenderman's doings.

Former/Rogue Members

  • Firebrand: Noah Maxwell from a separate dimension of time, identified with pinhole eyes and a toothy grin. Referred to by the Observer as "The Stubborn". Firebrand's loyalties come into question during the video "Interception," When he interrupts the Observers 11/11/12 session, stops him from assimilating Noah, and attempts to reveal crucial information regarding Mary Asher, the diary of Sebastian Kraus, and the dis-assembly of the Collective. It is revealed that he is in fact Noah from an alternate timeline. In DEUS EX MACHINA, it is revealed that Firebrand is no longer a proxy, and thus no longer a member of the Collective. Firebrand was supposedly saved by HABIT, an entity from the EverymanHYBRID ARG.
  • Cursor: A female member who appears with X's over her eyes, and is referred to by the Observer as "The Selfish". It was confirmed in "Obituary" that Cursor is Mary Asher who is currently deceased. The cause of death was a gunshot to the stomach by Milo/Mr. Scars in Milo's Tape.
  • Mr. Scars: Referred to by the Observer as a "pawn", and is also referred as "The Burdened". In Milo's Tape, it was confirmed that Mr. Scars is Milo. He is now in the care of Firebrand where he is safe.

Chess Pieces

During the Valentine's Day 2012 stream, the Observer tweeted several images of each member of the Collective, along with a title for each and a text symbol of a chess piece.

The chess pieces are meant to represent the "game" that is being played by the members of the Collective. Each "player" (which includes the Collective members and several other people) is represented by a chess piece, either black or white. The significance of the teams has not yet been revealed, but several Collective members are on opposing teams. This could simply be a means of competition between members, or a complete rivalry. Whereas Slender Man, the Observer, and Deadhead appear violent, Firebrand has allied himself with Noah, Sarah was Noah's friend, and the other members have not announced themselves.

(The colors of the icons will not show up correctly, as the wiki font color is white.)


Name Title Chess Piece Description
Slender Man The Administrator
The Keeper

Black King
Described as "onedividedbyzero".
The Observer The Eyes
The Sentinel

Black Rook
Describes himself as "asentinelbytradepasthisexpirationdate".
DeadHead The Nationalist
Black Knight


Name Title Chess Piece Description
Firebrand The Stubborn
White King
Cursor The Selfish
White Queen
Persolus The Hermit
White Bishop
Swain The Lover
White Knight
Mr. Scars The Burdened
White Rook
Described as "theonewhokillsmary", hinting towards him "Ending" Mary Asher's "Session".
Sarah ?
White Pawn
Taken by the Observer / Black Rook.

According to the Observer, there are 32 chess pieces in total within the Collective. Those that are not mentioned above are described as "undefined". This can be found on Noah Maxwell's twitter on the 15th of February 2012.


  • The Observer and "undefined" members with Noah in the background.
  • Persolus
  • Mr. Scars
  • DeadHead
  • Cursor
  • The Observer
  • Firebrand
  • The Administrator
  • Fan art of the Collective.

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