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Christmas Special is a special Slenderman's Shadow Map.

Slender Calus

Claus. He appears in Christmas Special Map

It is based in a snowy area (believed to be Santa's workshop) and is also set during the night. The objective of this one, unlike most of the other maps, is to find 8 presents hidden throughout the map. It is quite hard with the fact that some presents are small and are on the ground sometimes. There are large buildings shaped like large wrapped Christmas presents to navigate through, often containing power generators and shelves. Instead of Slender Man being the one chasing you, it's Santa Claus.


  • There was a glitch where you can you can climb up mountains and go on Slendy Claus's head, but it was fixed later..
  • This is the first map with snow.
  • He quotes "Merry Christmas. Ho ho ho ho ho!" when he kills you.
  • This is the first map of Slenderman's Shadow that Slenderman isn't in.
  • When you get startled by Slendy Claus, instead of a low piano note playing, he quotes "Ho ho ho!".
  • The person you play as doesn't make any breathing sounds.


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