This article discusses content originating from the video game Slender: The Arrival and thus is confirmed to be fictional.
Characters and organizations discussed are either entirely fictitious or are portrayed by voice actors/actors.
Charles Matheson is a minor character in Slender: The Arrival. He is the father of Charlie Matheson Jr., who was lured to the woods and trapped by Slender Man.
Charles Matheson
Charles seen close up.






Slender: The Arrival



In Slender: The Arrival

Charles Matheson is introduced in a note found in chapter 3, where he describes how he feels alone, with no job and family. With the Steam Update of the game, new documents were added describing his situation.

After Charlie disappeared, his wife Diane left him. Despite the fact that years had passed since Charlie went missing, he would claim to hear his laugh sometimes from outside his house. Charles begins to question himself if all is real or if he reached a breaking point due to still being looking for him. In a document found in the basement in the end of the game, Charles wrote down about a guy who keeps going to his house asking about his son. He kept telling the man to go away. Sometime later, he died due to smoke inhalation after his house was set ablaze. It is unknown if Charles did this himself or if either Slender Man or Charlie (now a proxy) were responsible for this.


The Matheson family before Charles and Charlie. Slender Man can be seen in the back.

Charles, however, was not the only one to lose his child at the hands of Slender Man. In the chapter "Homestead" where Carl Ross goes to the Matheson's Farmstead to investigate Charlie's disappearance, he discovered documents and pictures that revealed that the Mathesons had been watched by Slender Man for generations. CR theorizes that Charlie may have indirectly discovered this evidence and thus, Slender Man decided to capture him and turn him into a proxy.

Lauren, the protagonist of Slender: The Arrival, can enter Charles's house while going toward Oakside park. It is here where she sees Charlie for the first time.

Charles can be barely seen in the secret chapter "Memories" alongside his wife. Also, when the player encounters Charlie in the house for the first time, an image of Charlie and his family will be briefly shown on screen.



  • When Charles Matheson says "Good luck in your own game" in the letter located outside the Kullman Mines, it might also be a hidden message from the game developers, wishing the player "good luck", as the current chapter Into the Abyss can be quite difficult to some.