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Slender Man 2! is the 3D sequel to Chapter 1 based upon the Slender Man legend.

The goal is once again, trying to escape Slender Man and collect all 8 pages in 4 new levels.

The sequel also now includes a sprint button, zoom, flashlight and more!

2 slender man chapter 2 survive

This game is for both Android and iOS products. The developer is Digital Code Works.

The game is available on Google Play and App Store for $0.99 US.


*Also in this game for some reason, all the pages are on the ground scattered about!

"I know this place, I've been here before. I think I have to find P- Pages..."

Level 1: Home

You play as an unnamed and unseen man again but this time the area seems familiar to him.

Here are the locations the pages may be by:

  • House
  • Hill 1 w/ lammpost
  • Hill 2 w/ lammpost
  • Barrels
  • Spike Fountain
  • Rest Random

Level 2: Carnival

The Pages in this level are located by:

  • Ferris Wheel
  • Food Stands
  • Game Stands
  • Trailers
  • Spikey Thingy
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Rest Random

Level Settings


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