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The Menu Of Slenderman Chapter 1: Alone

Homem magro! é um novo jogo 3D survival horror baseado no Slenderman Legend. O objetivo é tentar sobreviver o maior tempo possível contra Slenderman enquanto, mais uma vez, coletar páginas em 2 níveis.

This game is for both Android and iOS products. The developer of game is Digital Code Works.

The title font is called "Crazy Killer."

Gameplay Edit

Nível 1: a estrada Edit

  • You play as an unnamed and unseen man trying to escape from Slender Man after your car has run of fuel
  • The 8 pages may appear in these locations:
  • Random Tree
  • Lamppost
  • Phonebooth
  • House
  • Another Random Tree
  • Big Building
  • Roadblocks
  • Rundown Scool

Level 2: The Farm

  • Just like the first level the player is neither seen nor named trying to escape Slender Man lost at a farm
  • The 8 Pages may appear in these locations:
  • Farmhouse/Stables
  • Tractor
  • Barn
  • Unfinished Barn
  • Shed
  • Powerline Tower
  • Other Shed
  • Graveyard

Level Settings Edit

There are 5 settings and the player can choose 2 settings before starting a level.

They are:

  • Modes; Easy, Medium & Hard
  • Time; Day & Night