Centralia is location featured in the Slender Man ARG EverymanHYBRID. After solving a riddle written on a postcard received by Jeff, the EMH crew learn that the "land of ashen waste" refers to Centralia, Pennsylvania. On suggestion from viewers, they travel to Centralia, PA. around the part of Route 61 known as the "graffiti highway" or the "hell highway." Centralia's only appearance was in the video of the same name.


  • Centralia was the inspiration for the movie version of "Silent Hill". It was abandoned due to a huge subterranean mine fire, which made the ground unstable and created dangerously high carbon monoxide and dioxide levels and lack of oxygen. It was abandoned after two decades of unsuccessful attempts to extinguish the fires, when authorities condemned the town and instead put their money into relocation of the residents, rendering Centralia a ghost town that smoulders to this day.
  • The writing on the road ("This town will eventually take me, this town will win") is two lines of lyrics from the song "Hometown" on the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack.
  • The majority of the non-Centralia footage (including the body bag clip towards the end) seems to have taken place during A Day in the Life. The guys can't see this, like the "hidden" videos.
  • Jessa's necklace was first seen in the 7/24/10 ustream prior to her disappearance. Jeff later tweeted a picture confirming that it was the same necklace.
  • As the group approaches one of the larger holes on the highway, faint distortion is seen. Possibly a reference to MarbleHornets, in an entry in which Jay is walking through the woods and sees a hole, which causes faint distortion.
  • At one point during sequence where Jeff is running the EMH logo can be seen scratched into the dirt.
    • Notice how the sides of the logo are still raised and the mark is darker than the dirt around it. This shows that the logo was drawn recently before the EMH crew ran past it.