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Canyouseethewords is a blog connected to the EMH series. It was originally owned by a character in the series named Stephanie aka Damsel, but would later come to be under control of the entity HABIT. It was first alluded to in the EMH video "Sleep Experiment Part 1", where Evan is seen viewing it.

Damsel's Posts

Many of Stephanie's post reference stories of flooding and water, as well as various news reports, and pictures. She also included music and videos and would at times provide advice to individuals who claimed to have seen The Slender Man.

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She would later lose control of her blog in May to HABIT.

HABIT's Posts

Beginning in May, many posts that would appear on the blog would contain stylistic elements similar to HABIT's means of conversing. He would often reference certain notorious serial killers such as Ed Gain, as well as other notable figures like Josef Mengele.

In these posts HABIT would imply responsibility for their actions, hinting that it had possessed them at one point in time or another.

He would later post journal entries of an individual named "Roger Paladino", who had been searching for information regarding HABIT. It provided details on HABIT's abilities as well as it's ultimate goal of creating the perfect "shell" or host being.

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