Hey Guys...

Look, I don't know if anyone will read this, or care. You can think what you want of this post, but to me, it will always be real. Too real. I swear, that all of this is 100% true, and nothing has been exaggerated or lied about (even if it does sound a little crazy at times). One more time, this is so true, I'm shaking really bad and about to pee my pants...

I first heard of The Slender Man about a year ago. I was with my older brother and his friend at my church, and we were leaving to go home. We had been doing some work there, and it was dark by the time we were done. We were packing up everything in the car when my brother's friend said, "Hey, we better get going, or Slenderman will get us." That was the first time I'd ever heard the name, but to say the least, I was curious. A few nights later I asked my brother what Slenderman was, and we spent the night scaring ourselves watching stupid crap on YouTube...

Fast Forward seven months, and I'm now moved out of Wyoming and into Colorado. I was on a week-long camping trip with my best friend, and we were taking a walk through the woods at about 11:30 pm. We started talking about random scary stories, and we were doing a pretty good job of freaking each other out. Finally, I brought out the big guns. "Have you ever heard of Slenderman?" I asked. He hadn't. I proceeded to tell him everything I knew on the subject (which wasn't much at the time) and needless to say, we got pretty scared. There's something about him... "Slenderman"...even the name, it doesn't sound quite right. Later, when I would learn about the Something Awful forums, and how Slenderman came to be, I learned that people share that thought. Slenderman is a different kind of scary. Call me paranoid, but there's something about him that is seriously, really, wrong. He isn't supposed to be here. Even on SA, he seemed to come out of nowhere, instantly sparking excitment in his promoters. I noticed that after a while, everyone posting on SA was getting uneasy. They were realizing this unspoken "wrong" about The Slender Man, and although they were all having fun posting creepy pictures, everyone was getting a little scared. Of course, I didn't know any of this when I told my friend about Slenderman. We were just having fun.

We had a lot of fun the rest of the week, because no matter how you put it, people love to be scared. We tried Sleep Paralyses a few times (never a good idea, especially in a haunted forest), but nothing ever came of the Slender Man. He was just a story.

Fast Forward two more months: Now.

I took a trip to California to see my grandparents for the next two weeks, and they took me to this great beach house they bought, right up on the coast so that the high tide comes up on the steps... My grandmother told me that the attic of the place was haunted. She told me that once while sleeping up there, she was dragged out of bed by "something evil", which then rode on her back all the way down the stairs. Again, you can believe the story if you want, but I was excited. I love hearing creepy ghost stories, and I was excited to try Sleep Paralyses up there (again, another bad idea). I went up that night prepared for anything (so I thought), and fell on the bed with the TV on. I figured I would just watch TV all night, and not have to worry about the possible demons watching me. Then, the next morning, I would go downstairs and brag about how I survived a night in the "haunted attic". Wrong. The sound on the TV went out about five minutes in, and despite all my efforts, I couldn't get it working again. I gave up on the sound, and turned on the Closed Captions.

It was working great for a while, until Spongebob started telling me that I was going to die. The CC started telling me about my friend (the one from the camping trip) and how he was going to die in a horrible accident. Then it started getting creepy. It started talking about how Slenderman was already stalking us, and how after a long period of mental torture, my friend, my wife, and I, were all going to be killed.

Let me staighten a few things up: I'm a religious person, and even if you (the reader) aren't, you might still believe in some type of demonic force. Supernatural, or spiritual, or alien, you probably believe some things out there are not good. I happen to believe in all three. I assumed that whatever force was at work in the TV, it was only trying to intimidate me, not physically hurt me. I saw and heard other things that night, but I won't talk about them because it isn't really related to the story. Point is, I made whatever force was up there really mad, because I said some very rude things to it, and I don't think it took to them kindly. Or maybe I didn't make it mad; maybe it's just screwing with me. Probably the latter.

My friend and I work together as scientists (I won't name the business for legal reasons) and we both firmly believe that what is created in the mind has strong influence over what is created in what we call physical reality. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool, so powerful that it frequently spins out of control, and the bonds between dream and reality wear thin. I've been reading up on the "Tupla Theory" along with "Quantum Theory" and other things, supporting the idea that as long as the collective force of subconscious minds believe in a simple idea, this idea can physically create itself. See where I'm going with this?

I got really paranoid after my Attic Experience, and ever since then I've been checking my windows and doors for Slenderman every hour for the past week and a half. Neither my wife or my friend are in California with me, but I've been calling/texting them constantly, nearly 24-hours a day. I've been doing a lot of thinking on the subject, and (go ahead, call me crazy) I believe I have somehow created a semi-physical Slenderman to murder me, my wife, and my cousin (my friend, the scientist, is also my cousin-in-law). I've spoken with them about it, and my cousin agrees: I am in danger. I've thought about the possibility of my subconscious creating it, or possibly even more sinister. It's a real possibility to me that whatever was in that attic has either created something or transformed itself into something that resembles The Slender Man. At first, I didn't worry about it. Then I saw him.

I first saw him in the kitchen, through a pair of glass doors separating the TV room from the dining room. He was standing next to the mirror, just looking at me. I only saw him for a second before I got so scared I busted through the back door and didn't come back for a few hours. I reasoned with myself, telling my mind that it was just a projection of my increasing paranoia, but recently I've been seeing him practically everywhere... I believe I've seen him three times since my attic enounter twelve days ago. The closest he's ever been was in the kitchen, and even then I don't think it planned on killing me; it's just messing with me.

I've talked to my cousin on the subject, and we've concluded that in order to end whatever's happening, I have to kill it. I realized that because his genesis came from my subconscious, I must venture there to destroy it. Next Tuesday, when I get back to Colorado, my cousin (who is an expert in dream psychology and the dreaming mind) is going to guide me through lucid dreaming, so that I can (hopefully) track down and kill whatever is tormenting me. He reminded me that because this entity is both mental and physical, I could die or be harmed while in my dream. At the very best, my cousin expects me to go into a minor seizure while half-asleep. In other words, this threat is very real to my physical being. But I have to do this.

Whether this is the actual Slenderman, or something designed to look and act like it, my family and I are in danger. I know how much this sounds like a Sci-Fi novel (trust me, I know. I'm a scientist) and who knows, maybe it will be someday. But everything I've said in my story is 100% true, no drama added. Call me crazy, I don't care, I know how it sounds. It's all true, no BS-ing you just to make a cool story, and no lies added to scare you. Call me crazy. The Slender Man is after me. I just want you all to know that if I die, it was The Slender Man that killed me. Hopefully, if this is successful, I can post a new page declaring my success.

Until then, Cheers

P.S. Live on, Slenderman. You are a master of fear.

P.P.S. He's right behind you.

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