Your Gonna need this if your new.Edit

Well if your new here or just recently found out about slenderman I guess your now intrested as well as a bit "paranoid". Now just saying its normal to be paranoid, "slender-man" is a parnormal being of the supernatural realm and you walked into it like it was alice in wonderlands tea party. Very exciting problem is that slender-man is not Alice nor is he The mad hatter, I would prefer to call him something similar to JabberWock. He not a fanfic, He is not one to play, He is the one who will kill you if you arent needed. Dont be happy if your needed your going to be a toy for "him", becoming a Proxy is a sad and no person should wish this on themselves.

What are Proxys?Edit

Proxys are... How do i explain this? They are Once "normal" people. But for some sort of reason they could be alterd to be used like puppets or Incoherient Walking peices of flesh with a hive mind, They only have one goal of doing what the're told to do. With daily doses of Mental crushing and Radiation(This Radiation poisoning is diffrent to what you see happening to somone exposed to a Nuke). 

Do I want to become a Proxy?Edit

No you don't, Nor should you ever! Even to say you want to kill your friends, family, any one you hold dear! (pardon my venting) and saying you would rather become a proxy or just kill yourself is something a very stupid person would say. I do not reccomend becoming or doing any of that heads up "Suicide Is never the Awnser". Now shut up and stop saying that crazy stuff. Also people will take you for an idiot talking about wanting to be one. (long story but there was a Huge argument on it).

Am I being stalked?Edit

  1. Have you gone to the forest
  2. Have you gone to the forest doing satanic rituals
  4. Are you on prescribed medication? If so GO TO THE DOCTOR
  5. Do you have any mental disorders?

Now after reading this double check yourself and ask yourself is this real or not real. Becuase unless he is right in front of you, your good. But if you think your in danger And keep a dog and a Best friend with you also, Take pictures, Vlogs, and better run. 

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