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Alternate Reality Games, or ARGs, are interactive storytelling devices that make use of real-world interaction devices and media to add realism in order to help tell a story, which may be altered by 'participant' action. Well-known ARGs are include Halo's I Love Bees, A.I.'s The Beast, and Cloverfield's internet campaign.

In the Slenderman universe, videomakers use their series' YouTube channels as a way for interaction. These series are referred to as ARGs. The use of Twitter accounts, mail, and Ustream is also included in Slenderman ARGs. EverymanHYBRID is probably the most active in using other-than-Youtube mediums and fan interaction.

Actions within the ARG narrative are refered to as IG, or In Game. Following the popularity of MarbleHornets, many Slenderblogs were created- that is, blog-based ARGs or narratives. A list of those can be found on the Slenderblog page.

Most ARG's pose complete ignorance to the pop-culture or internet existence to Slender Man, not even aware that such a being is so widely researched. As such, many ARG characters refer to Slender Man as simply "That Man" or "That Thing". EverymanHYBRID is possibly the only ARG that reveals having previous knowledge of Slender Man via pop-culture, and refers to him as such.

For an in depth look at many of the ARG vlogs, visit CompileTRUTH's Youtube page.

A current list of Slenderman ARGs can be found on the front page.

In-Production ARGs:

Ended, Deleted, Discontinued, Unknown Status, or Past Slenderman ARGs:


Please view the main slenderblog page Here.

Non-Canon ARGs, or non-Slenderman ARGs:

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