The First Tapes Edit

Entry #1Edit

Entry #1 starts with Jay noting he has noticed something unusual in the tapes. He decided to upload the data online for other opinions. The tape isn't footage of Marble Hornets, but rather is footage of Alex at home. Jay notes the audio in the tape has been cut, so he isn't sure if anything is said during the tape, and isn't entirely positive why Alex would have cut the audio in the first place. Regardless, Alex walks over to the window after killing the lights, and slowly looks out the window. He spots a tall figure standing outside, and dives back behind the curtain quickly to hide. The tape ends there, and Jay notes he may have missed other instances of this. He will be looking back through to see if he finds anything.

Entry #2Edit

Jay finds a tape which appears to be Alex driving while talking. Jay believes it took place before Entry #1. In the tape, Alex states that he took his dog, Rocky, out for a walk, and he had gotten home late so it was really dark. As they were walking, they came across a tall man standing under a light in the road. Rocky began tugging at his leash, panicking. Alex didn't know what to think, but decided to follow his dogs desire and head back home. He then states the reason he is in his car is because he went home, got his camera, and decided to drive out to the light to see if the guy is still there. He goes to the light, stops, gets out, and examines the area with his camera, but can't see anybody around anymore. He seems unusually nervous about it. Alex never states what he planned to do if the guy was still there, and he just drove to him with a camera. Regardless, the tape cuts out and it is assumed Alex just went home. Jay infers this was the same guy from the window of Entry #1.

Entry #3Edit

Key clips from twelve unsorted tapes depict Alex crumpling and tearing paper, walking through the woods at night, shopping for camera supplies, using his personal computer, driving, and acting furtively paranoid. Jay claims the tapes have no substantial information. The purpose of uploading the clips was to emphasize that Alex was filming himself irrationally for extended periods of time.

Entry #4Edit

The clip depicts Alex walking at night in a child's playground for an unknown reason. The clip has no audio, and has similarities to Entry #1. Jay suspects the audio was removed by Alex himself. A swing set that begins swinging by itself frightens Alex, and The Operator appears briefly in the side of the camera. Alex runs away, looking around to see if The Operator was still there. He was not. The Operator appears to be moving in this clip, as if walking forward.

Entry #5Edit

The clip contains Jay filming Alex in a gazebo next to a dry river in the woods while discussing locations for Marble Hornets, which has yet to be filmed. Throughout the tape, small visual tearing occurs as well as low, guttural audio distortions which block out any other sound. The noise occurs randomly without warning. The clip moves to a later scene of discussing the flat, thinned out border of the forest, where the audio continues to distort, and Alex points out the Tower, a large, red structure used for an unknown purpose.

Entry #6Edit

Entry #6 is a short continuation of Entry #1, similarly with no audio. The film depicts Alex looking out his windows, with The Operator coming ever closer to his house. In the last view of him, He appears to be moving in a spectral-like manner before the clip ends.

Entry #7Edit

The film depicts a rehearsal in Alex's van, in which Alex feeds lines to Brian, and an unknown girl (speculated to be Sarah) stays quiet and unseen in the back seat. After delivering a series of lines, Brian casually leans his head back, and The Operator can be seen far in the back, slightly hidden by a brick wall. Alex does not appear alarmed, but quickly drives away, aware of the danger. The last second of the film has heavy, low audio distortion.

Entry #8Edit

The short clip depicts Alex hovered over over a dozen frantically scribbled drawings, all done by him in dark chalk, all depicting either The Operator himself, or the Operator symbol, containing cryptic messages.

Entry #9Edit

This is raw footage from Marble Hornets. Seth films and Alex directs while Tim and Sarah do a poor job of dialogue concerning the main character, acting idle and unimpressed. After a poor run, Alex asks for another, beginning a frustrated argument between him and the actors. During a break, Jay turns off the camera for a few minutes, setting Alex off in a fit of anger. Alex began filming himself being followed by The Operator before stopping production on Marble Hornets, and the nerve of being stalked made him irritable.

Entry #10Edit

The clip shows Alex running in a field of tall grass, with trees dotting the horizon. Most of the film is too dark to see anything outside of the flashlight shining in random places, and The Operator is seen standing still twice.

Entry #11Edit

The clip opens in Alex's bedroom, the camera pointed at a wall covered in Operator symbols and The Operator sketches. Alex grabs his camera and walks around his dark house. He checks the windows for any sign of The Operator. After seeing the coast is clear, he returns to bed. The video ends with a shadow passing across Alex's body.

Entry #12Edit

The clip takes place early in the filming of Marble Hornets when Alex is still calm and collected. Alex discusses filming with another person while the camera points into a view of grass, trees, and shrubbery. Alex initially responds to an inquiry with "I don't know, he'll move." The camera begins to emit a slightly audible static, and the picture lags in places while the color darkens dramatically. The camera moves into the position they wish to film, and The Operator is standing fifty feet in the distance, completely still. The actors question why, and call out to him to step aside, seeing nothing peculiar about him. Alex says "Oh, there's Tim.", referring to Tim from the series. And ironically, one person comments that it might be an authoritative figure coming to scold them.

Entry #13Edit

The clip begins in the park Alex is shooting in with Alex asking Jay to go back to their cars and grab the extra camera, because the current one is low on batteries. Alex goes on, and uncovers leaves from a piece of cement, which has the operator symbol scratched into it next to a building. The audio begins to distort before it cuts out entirely. Alex moves quickly along the side of the building, and sees The Operator only a short distance away from him after turning a corner. He swiftly flees.

Entry #14Edit

The clip begins with the camera sitting in a dark room pointed statically at an open doorway that leads to a lit hallway, the picture immediately begins to cut before fixing itself. Alex's arm reaches high behind the doorway and slightly pushes it aside while a head leans and peers in before walking slowly inside, curling onto the floor, and turning on a lamp. He stands back up, closes the door slightly again, and turns the lamp off. 32 minutes later, Alex is bleeding profusely from his forehead and staring into the camera.

(Entries 15 and 16 feature no appearance of Alex)

Entry #17Edit

The footage is of Jay, Alex, and Tim filming while conversing and merrymaking before continuing a rehearsal. Jay reads Brian's lines, and if one looks closely, the shadow of Tim's head seems to be visually pixelated and distorted. Outside of the window behind them, The Operator stands uncomfortably close, to the point of changing the temperatures in the room, and Jay comments on the cold. After about a minute, the picture freezes and pixelates heavily.

(Entries 18 - 19.5 have no appearance from Alex)

Entry #20Edit

The entry shows a previous "behind the scenes" interview between Jay, Alex, Brian while waiting for Tim, during which an unexpected series of visual cutting and frightening audio distortion interrupts the video. Tim enters directly afterwards, wearing the same jacket as Masky, feeling cold and struck with a headache. While the Camera is pointed on Tim, a steady stream of audio buzzing occurs. Tim leaves to begin coughing and take pills, suggested to be the same pills from Brian's house.

Jay's SearchEdit

Entry #26Edit

This footage is from a tape Jay received. The tape starts with static only to switch to Amy, a girl Alex knows, who talks to Alex about a video camera she found. Alex seems unnerved and tells her to put the camera away, but when she goes to put it away, The Operator shows up and chases them. Alex sends her out the window upstairs and stays behind. The tape ends with Amy leaving and the tape cutting out with heavy audio distortion. The word "HELP" appears in solid black text against a red background with The Operator Symbol on the side. This is that catalyst for Jay to begin his search for Alex.

The RecordsEdit

Entry #35Edit

Alex shows up at an abandoned house Jay was searching and helps Jay avoid being attacked by Masky, and ties him up. Once tied up, Jay unmasked Masky to reveal it is none other than Tim. Alex demands Jay hand over the knife, but Jay refuses, to which Alex demands he shut off the camera, and slams down a huge rock on Tim. The footage cuts to Jay driving, so it is unknown know where Alex went or if Tim survived.

Entry #36Edit

Corrupted footage that Jay found on the end of the first tape. In the footage Jay is with Alex yelling at him for attacking Tim with a block of cement. Most of the footage is corrupted and impossible to see, but Alex tells Jay to stay low, despite having just yelled at him for being easy to find. Jay surmises that Alex is the one who sent the tape in the package.

enttry #37Edit

This video was uploaded by Totheark. It contains footage of Alex celebrating his 4th birthday. As he blows out the candles, The Operator appears. This shows that Alex has possibly been getting stalked since his childhood.

Entry #38Edit

The tape this was found on is the only unlabeled tape in the collection of tapes from Jay's hotel. It contains footage of Jay and Alex walking down a trail, to which Alex begins telling Jay about bizarre executions that occurred in the area a long time before, which does not amuse Jay. At one point Jay has to replace the tape, and the footage ends.

Entry #39Edit

This clip takes place about a week after finding Alex at the abandoned house, where Alex tells Jay to find him at Rosswood Park, but Jay can't get any answers out of Alex as to where he has been.

Entry #40Edit

Alex does not physically appear in this entry, but Jay waiting for him is the main plot driver in this video. Jay waits for Alex, and goes wandering off, and has a close encounter with The Operator.

Entry #42Edit

Footage from Alex's external hard drive, which picks up from Alex's camera, where Alex finally receives Jay's message, however Alex's camera is distorted on audio from the beginning. After calling for Jay and wandering the woods, Alex stumbles across Jay who takes off running, only for Jay to admit he ran into The Operator, however Alex berates him for losing his camera. Alex and Jay get into an argument over Alex being mad at Jay for not being up to helping, and Jay being mad that Alex isn't giving him information. Before Alex leaves, Jay notes that the camera he left behind is in his passenger seat.

Entry #43Edit

Alex takes Jay to a house where the events on the tape Entry #26 took place. Alex confesses that he doesn't remember escaping The Operator, that all he remembers is waking up in his apartment. After some coercion, Alex agrees to go knock on the door to the house, but they get no answer, indicating Amy never came back home, and her roommate isn't home either. The roommate Alex calls is named Jessica. Alex and Jay drive off, and Alex refuses to tell Jay where he is living. The rest of the tape is Alex wandering about by himself for no explainable reason. He eventually reaches a grove where The Operator is waiting for him, and he slowly walks towards him after collapsing once. This indicates that Alex is somehow tied to the Operator in a dangerous way.

Entry #44Edit

Contains Alex wandering his apartment before calling Jessica and telling her that Amy was found, spitting up a liquid into his sink, drawing operator symbols repeatedly on paper (like in entry #7) and then going to sleep with The Operator in his room and vanishing himself. However, there is no evidence that Alex got in touch with Amy.

Entry #45Edit

Alex wanders the woods, and runs into Tim and Hoody, who tie him up and try to kill him but run for an unknown reason. Alex yells after them that he will kill them when he sees them again.

Entry #46Edit

Alex goes outside his apartment, and Jay breaks in to search for clues. Jay grabs find a tape, but Alex comes back before he leaves and catches him trying to sneak out due to Jay leaving his flashlight. Alex and Jay have a short argument interrupted by The Operator who appears behind Alex. Jay flees the apartment and grabs a key on his way out, leaving Alex behind. Why Alex didn't run from the Operator is uncertain.

Entry #47Edit

Jay and Alex get into an argument in a parking lot after the escape. Alex yells at Jay for breaking into his house and taking a tape, to which Jay responds with Alex's refusal to give up any information, just having him follow around. Alex states he is done helping him, and Jay demands Jessica's phone number, to which Alex refuses, however Jay locks Alex's keys in his car, forcing him to hand over the number to get his keys back, which is successful. The number is censored out except for the last four digits, 1102, the exact same safe combination that Jay had in his hotel room, confirming Jessica being the same girl from the hotel. Notably, Alex never did say how he escaped his apartment.

Entry #48Edit

This concerns Jay saying that he had been following Alex into Rosswood Park. In this entry, Alex sits in the tunnel, and when he turns around, Jay leaves quickly.

Entry #49Edit

This displays the same events of Entry #48, but from Alex's perspective. The beginning of the tape is identical to Jay just following Alex about, and Alex seems to be mumbling that he knows Jay is following him. After Jay leaves, the rest of the tape is just Alex as he kills a man and strangles him to death before crushing his head with a large rock. He then leaves the body as it magically vanishes as The Operator shows up. Alex creates distortion whenever he's in front of the camera. Afterward, Alex contacts Jay to meet him at Rosswood Park despite their altercation before.

Entry #50Edit

This footage takes place after the footage of Entry #38.  After calling Jay, Alex shows up, having Jay follow him into the woods, and reveals that the key that Jay took is his spare front door key, however Jay denies taking it. Alex also asks about Jessica, whom Jay says everything is fine. Jay keeps trying to get Alex to pay attention to a noise coming from the direction they came in, however Alex makes no note of it and presses on. Jay tries to get Alex to leave the woods, who is fine with Jay leaving, and asks him to bring Jessica next time as well, but refuses himself to leave the woods. Notably audio distortion happens at this point.

Later, when Alex drives away from his apartment, Jay uses the stolen key to break in and steal the tape he tried to take before.

Entry #51Edit

This is the footage off the tape from Alex's apartment. It contains footage from Marble Hornets. Alex is shooting Brian wandering an abandoned building, where Brian expresses worry about being there. The Operator appears several time during the shoot. Brian wanders into a room, where Tim is laying down coughing, when he turns around, The Operator is standing there. The next shot is Brian being dragged of camera by Alex, but it does not show if Brian is dead or alive.

Entry #52Edit

Alex leads Jay and Jessica into the park. After leading the two to a building in the woods, Alex reveals that there's a secret upstairs, but when Jay goes to investigate, it turns out to be a setup by Alex, now brandishing a gun, to kill Jay and Jessica. As Alex says that the reason he is going to kill them is because Jay posted the footage from Marble Hornets online. Tim appears and tackles Alex to the ground and allows Jessica and Jay to escape. A gunshot fires, but it does not show if anyone got shot. Jay steals Alex's chest camera and hard drive from his car.


Entry #54Edit

Alex appears on Tim's tapes that Tim gave to Jay from the shooting of Marble Hornets. Alex and Tim are at Tim's apartment, and Alex appears to be sarcastically looking at his items in the apartment, and eventually Brian shows up. The three debate over what music to use in the trailer. The power goes out (possibly due to the storm), and Tim sets out to get the power back on leaving Alex and Brian. Eventually the power returns, and the three of them appear to be in the dark afterwards and use the flashlight to try and set up music, however a shadow shoots across the wall and the video cuts out.

Entry #55Edit

Another tape that Tim used. Alex and Tim walk down the street discussing a potential location for Brian's "Abandoned School" for the movie. Alex notes he hasn't found anything, but Tim has found a burned out hospital in the town he had previously lived in that he honestly believes it could pass for a school. It's very far away, however, but Alex is willing to try the hospital, as he hasn't found anything that would work out. The two decide to do it on a Saturday, meaning that events of Entry #51 takes place soon afterward.

Entry #56Edit

Footage from the second-to-last of Tim's tapes. Tim is talking to Alex about the hospital mentioned from the previous entry. Alex mentions that things came up and he forgot about it for a while, and that Tim and himself are there just to scout the location until Brian and Seth show. Tim appears okay with this. At one point Alex notices a building nearby. Tim tries to persuade him that this building they are in is better, and acts as if he is very hesitant to leave, but Alex desires to see it. They first head upstairs, and Tim puts down his camera to urinate. Alex also puts down his camera, and grabs a piece of fallen rebar. He hits Tim off screen, who stops talking after the blow. The camera flips for no discernible reason, and show The Operator standing in the room on the other side for several moments before he vanishes. Alex then walks into view of the camera and drops the rebar before walking off screen again. The last thing heard is Tim coughing.

Entry #57Edit

Tim's last tape. It takes place immediately after the events of Entry #56. Tim is wandering around the building, while Alex is looking around for Tim, presumably to finish him off. However, the tape cuts out, so it is unsure if Alex did anything more to Tim.

Entry #64Edit

As Jay and Tim are exploring The Tunnel, Alex calls Jay on his cell phone and simply says "Leave Now." Moments after this, The Operator appears. It is implied that Alex was following them into the park.

Entry #67Edit

Footage from a tape Jay recovered from the hospital. It contain scenes of Alex wandering the hospital searching for Tim. Hoody attacks him with a pipe, and ties Alex up. After getting beaten by Tim, Hoody aims a gun at Alex, but due to The Operator's presence, Hoody flees.

Entry #67.5Edit

Alex does not physically appear. But the events shown are Jay and Tim leaving the town, due to seeing the tape from the hospital, and realizing that Alex was close behind them. Due to the fact that Jay knows Alex is watching the videos, he does not state where they are going.

Entry #68Edit

This is footage filmed by Hoody. Alex attacks Hoody in the building that Hoody uses as a home. Alex demands to know where Jay and Tim have gone, but Hoody does not respond. He shoves Alex off and escapes.

Entry #69Edit

Alex does not appear in this entry. As Jay and Tim are wandering near The Red Tower, they find a hole full of melted tapes that Tim theorizes are Alex's. Jay notices that there are two that appear to be still playable. After picking up the tapes, they exit the park.

Entry #70Edit

Jay was able to get one of the melted tapes to work,  and, as Tim theorized, it does contain footage from the Marble Hornets era. The footage starts out with Alex driving down a road at night, when he gets a phone call, apparently from Amy. He talks about using a location near where she lives as a shooting location, since one of the actors says he is from the area (a person playing a minor part). Alex says that he has been thinking about transferring to the school in that area. His reasons are that he hears that it has a better film program, and he wants to be with Amy. Amy asks Alex if he is driving, and for an unknown reason Alex lies and says that he is home, and that the background noise is static. After that, Alex hangs up. After a bit more driving, Alex arrives at a playground, where as he walks, film defects start to occur. The playground is shown to be the same one as from Entry #4. When Alex reaches the swing set, he turns around and sees The Operator. Alex charges him, and yells "What Do You Want!" and when he reaches the Operator, the camera distorts too heavily to make out what happens. After the close encounter, Alex has a coughing fit, but doesn't see the Operator anymore. Jay does not know why Alex burned that particular tape, but theorizes that Amy has something to do with it.

Entry #71Edit

Footage from the second partially melted tape. It, too, is from the Marble Hornets era. There is a small pile of tapes on the floor. A figure walks in, and puts them in a box, and puts the box in the closet. The person is revealed to be Alex, who carries the camera around with him, before setting it on the windowsill. Jay arrives, and talks to Alex, who says he is moving away because he can no longer afford the house, since his roommates have left. Jay goes to help him pack the remainder of his boxes. 35 minutes later, they come back on camera. They are discussing what Alex wants to do with the Marble Hornets tapes, and Jay does not understand why he wants to burn all of them. Alex claims he doesn't want them anymore, but Jay asks if he can have them. Alex says yes, and as Jay goes to get the tapes, something happens to the camera, causing it to distort until they walk back into the shot. Just before Jay leaves, Alex tells him to never mention the tapes to him again. As soon as Jay leaves, Alex grabs the camera, and after telling Jay to hold on, attacks him. A lot of camera distortion happens here, and the next good shot is of Jay laying on the ground, motionless. Alex leaves and drives away.

Entry #72Edit

Alex does not appear in this entry. However, Jay and Tim search his old house after watching the footage from Entry #71, and find nothing except for several scribbled sheets. Several sheets have names of the Marble Hornets cast crossed off, implying heavily that Alex attacking (most) of the crew was planned.

entry #73Edit

The video is from Hoody's point of view, where he wanders into a neighborhood, and breaks into someone's house. Hoody steals a bottle of pills and examines a tape before he hears something. Hoody is able to get out without being noticed, but is forced to abandon the tape. Once outside, he shows the window of the house. The light comes on and a person looks out. The person heavily resembles Alex, but due to how far away the camera is, and the light blurring the camera, it is impossible to tell.

Entry #74Edit

Alex does not physically appear in this entry. However, when Tim is talking to Jay, he states that it was indeed Alex in entry #73, and that the house was Tim's House. Tim states that he believes that Alex was hiding in the attic to wait for Jay and Tim to go there.

Entry #75Edit

Jay and Tim return to Tim's house to look for Alex, but find that he has left. They confirm that he was hiding in the attic, and find a picture of Amy. On the back of the photo it says "I HAVE HIM. 79 SOUTH CREEK ROAD" along with The Operator Symbol. Jay and Tim theorize that "Him" is either Alex of Hoody.

Entry #76Edit

Footage from the tape at Tim's house. It takes place between entries 32 and 33. Jessica has been taken out of the hotel by Masky and Hoody. Alex arrives in the clearing and shoots at Hoody, driving him off. Alex says that he is going to help Jessica, and takes her to the Tunnel. As they go in, he holds her at gunpoint, before getting tackled by Jessica. Hoody then appears and starts beating up Alex, while Jessica runs to the other end of the tunnel. She encounters the Operator, and the next clear shot is of Alex withdrawing his gun. Shortly afterward, the Operator appears and vanishes with Jessica.

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