7th street

7th Street is the sixth map of the Slenderman's Shadow series. It was released on September 27, 2012. The player plays as a female character who wakes up in the middle of a street. The goal, as usual, is to collect 8 pages. In the Unity remake you collect 6 pages.


  • This is the first map to have new music effects.
  • This is the second Slenderman's Shadow map to be outside.
  • This is the third map to have pages.
  • This is the third map to have the new Slender Man model, as seen at the very end of the trailer. (Same one in Mansion and Claustrophobia).
  • This is the forth Slender Man game in the Slenderman's Shadow series that Slender Man can move in some rare cases; where this model may sometimes slide, or move from a building into an alley. Most of the time, he could only teleport from place to place in the map.
  • This is the second map to have the screen darken when you are about to be caught or if you stare at the Slender Man. However, the screen doesn't get quite as dark in this map.
  • First map to have the player start the game lying down, instead of starting the game with the player standing up.
  • All the females from the previous Slender Man's Shadow maps have the same noise when the female gets tired and starts to breath heavy. (Including the little girl in Elementary).
    166702-7th street games entertainment action
  • This is the last map to have donation boards.
  • This is the first map that can be played in windowed mode.
  • This is the second map to have the flashlight break.
  • The woman in this map is the fastest character when she runs, and also the fastest character to drain stamina.
  • There is an invincibility glitch near the city gates: Slender Man can't get you when you are on top of them.
  • Its name is probably based on its sponser's user name, Whiteboy7thst.


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